Chehalis Basin Restoration &
Protection Opportunities 10/02/2016

About This Map

View Restoration and Protection priorities at the subwatershed and diagnostic unit scale after selecting the species and population (spawning origin) of interest from the control panel on the right. After the prioritized results appear, view factors limiting salmonid performance for each individual subwatershed or reach by clicking the location on the map.

Restoration vs Protection

Restoration and protection are two important elements for improving watershed health. Restoration refers to work done to restore historical natural systems that have since degraded. Protection refers to focusing efforts on preserving what is currently present so that it does not further degrade. This map can help inform resource managers with the information they need to make critical decisions pertaining to the Chehalis basin.

Data Source

The data displayed are September 2016 Ecosystem Diagnosis & Treatment (EDT) modeled results.

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Geographic Scale

Reference Condition





Restoration Priorities
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