Current EDT Layers

Okanogan EDT

About This Map

This mapping application displays current EDT network and assessment unit data layers for the Okanogan subbasin, in addition to other planning layers such as OBMEP Survey Sites. This platform will be used over the course of the project to display all project related spatial data and EDT output results. The control panel will be expanded and provide user-friendly tools for comparing various management scenarios across the basin.

The stream mapping tools on the right provide a preview of a second application that will be used for refining stream reach geometry. Multiple basemap services are loaded into this application providing multiple looks at ground conditions. The line drawing tool can also be used for measurement.

Stream Mapping Help

Drawing a few sample lines is recommended to get acquainted with the Stream Mapping tools.

[Draw Line]

Click on the map to begin. Each subsequent click will place a new vertex. To complete the line, simply click on the final point after it is placed. Avoid rapid double-clicking, as this may cause errors.
[Undo] will remove the most recent vertex.
[Cancel] will remove the line you are currently drawing.

[Edit Line]

Editing allows you to add and move vertices.
[Save] will commit any changes permanently
[Cancel] will remove vertices added in the editing process, but will not revert the movement of original verteces moved in the editing process

[Delete Line]

After clicking the Delete button, click on any drawn line to remove it from the map.
[Save] will permanently remove all lines selected in the deletion process.
[Cancel] will return all lines selected for deletion

All drawn lines exist only in the current browser session and is not saved.

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