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About This Map

This application allows you to interact with the WECC environmental risk classes within the Western Interconnect region. Click on a location to see its risk class and area types (last update 12/2017).

You can also sketch or upload a proposed corridor and report the risk classes, area types, terrain, and land cover that are crossed by the line. You will receive instant analytics, capital and mitigation cost estimates, and the options of downloading tabular data and your line geometry as a Google Earth KML file.

Use the tools on the right side of your screen to control and interact with the map.

Intended Use

The data presented is intended for use in WECC’s 10- and 20-year Transmission Expansion Plans, as well as by other organizations in their early stage transmission corridor planning efforts. Because of the scale at which the regional Transmission Expansion Planning process operates, it is not possible to consider all project-level data that could be critical during transmission line siting.

WECC recommends any potential transmission corridors generated through this mapping application be thoroughly reviewed against siting-level data and any applicable laws and regulations.

Corridor Mapping Help

Drawing a few sample lines is recommended to get acquainted with the Corridor Mapping tools.

[Draw Line]

Click on the map to begin. Each subsequent click will place a new vertex. To complete the line, simply click on the final point after it is placed. Avoid rapid double-clicking, as this may cause errors.
[Undo] will remove the most recent vertex.
[Cancel] will remove the line you are currently drawing.

[Edit Line]

Editing allows you to add and move vertices.
[Save] will commit any changes permanently
[Cancel] will remove vertices added in the editing process, but will not revert the movement of original vertices moved in the editing process.

[Delete Line]

After clicking the Delete button, click on any drawn line to remove it from the map.
[Save] will permanently remove all lines selected in the deletion process.
[Cancel] will return all lines selected for deletion

All drawn lines exist only in the current browser session and is not saved.

Area Types

Class 1:
Class 2:
Class 3:
Class 4:

Route Name:  

Export files for this route:

To adjust transmission line criteria and view more detailed crossing information, select the cost component buttons below. Results are calculated using the Black & Veatch Transmission Line Cost Calculators.

Estimated Cost Summary

Cost Component Per Mile Total
${{(data.lineCost/data.totalLength_mi).toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}} ${{data.lineCost.toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}}
${{(data.rowCost/data.totalLength_mi).toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}} ${{data.rowCost.toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}}
n/a ${{substation.substationCost.toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}}
AFUDC/Overhead n/a ${{(data.overheadCost).toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}}
${{(data.riskCost/data.totalLength_mi).toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}} ${{data.riskCost.toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}}
TOTAL COST ${{(data.totalCost/data.totalLength_mi).toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}} ${{data.totalCost.toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 0})}}
TOTAL LENGTH {{data.totalLength_mi.toLocaleString('en', {maximumFractionDigits: 1})}} miles

Line Cost Components

Geographic Multipliers

Terrain and land cover are existing conditions that factor into the weighted average cost estimate.

Slope: Mileage Per Category

Land Cover: Mileage Per Type

Estimated ROW Costs

ROW costs are estimated based on the BLM Rent Zone crossing distance.

Rent Zones Metrics

Mileage Per Zone

Cost Per Zone

Substation {{substation.index + 1}} Costs

Estimated Mitigation Costs

Environmental Risk Metrics:

Mileage Per Zone

Cost Per Zone

*Class 4, Marine, and Other not included

Mitigation cost study