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About This Map
This map was developed as a planning resource to help prioritize and site EV charging infrastructure. It seeks to capture the areas around X major metropolitan regions around the US that are likely to see demand for charging from EV drivers over the next several years. The analysis behind this mapping project is a data-driven exercise that looks at key EV ownership indicators and regional travel patterns to identify areas where there will likely be demand for EV charging infrastructure.
Case Weighting of Key EV Ownership Variables
Income Hybrid Ownership Home Ownership Dwelling Type
Reference case, focusing on socioeconomic factors that favor EV ownership
Likely EV buyers 60% 30% 5% 5%
Target likely EV buyers in multi-family units
Expanding the Market to Multifamily 50% 20% 5% 25%
Moving beyond early adopters
Mature EV Market 70% 0% 15% 15%