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Cultural & Environmental Data Viewer

Cultural Data Use

This map depicts data for modeling Cultural Risk for electricity transmission development in support of WECC's Regional Transmission Expansion Planning program. This map contains three cultural data layers: Cultural Risk, Inventory Areas; and Neighborhood Site Density.
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The data presented in this application is intended for use in preliminary, early stage planning processes only. It is not intended to satisfy requirements under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act or other laws and regulations. For project specific analyses, please consult with the appropriate State Historic Preservation Office regarding existing data and additional survey requirements.
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Siting-level analyses, while they may employ some of the same data sets as planning-level analyses, will also use other project-specific data sets. Because of the scale at which the regional Transmission Expansion Planning process operates, it is not possible or appropriate to consider all project-level data that could be critical during transmission line siting. WECC recommends any potential transmission corridors generated through this mapping application be thoroughly reviewed against siting-level data and any applicable laws and regulations.

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Environmental Risk Crossings:

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Class 2: Class 4:

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  • 230kV Single Circuit
  • 345kV Single Circuit
  • 500kV Single Circuit
  • 500kV HVDC Bi-pole

Estimated Capital Costs

Baseline transmission cost only; no multipliers applied


*Marine and Other not included

Estimated Mitigation Costs

Includes cultural & environmental cost estimates


*Class 4, Marine, and Other not included

Mitigation Cost Breakdown

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230kV Single Circuit
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  • Cultural Risk
  • Cultural Inventory
  • Cultural Density
  • Environmental Risk
  • Transmission Lines
  • Infrastructure
  • Other Environmental Data
  • Land Ownership
  • Crucial Habitat
  • BLM Rent Zones
  • Slope Classes
  • Land Cover

Corridor Mapping

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